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An abundance of research shows the earlier a child learns language skills the better the child's language skills. Babies who understand more words at 18 months of age have greater vocabularies at age 3 and later ages. Babies who have been taught more words by 18 months of age also have faster brain processing speeds, so early language learning also influences brain development and cognitive learning. 

We use a science-based approach to teach babies and toddlers language skills. Our products have been shown in studies to increase infants' overall language skills, receptive and expressive language scores and infants' overall cognition. 

Please stop by Stand D30 to see our innovative programmes that not only teach babies English skills, but also French, Spanish, and MANY more! In addition, we have programmes for maths, music, colours, geometric shapes, logic patterns, and reading! Infant researcher Dr. Robert Titzer will be at the stand! 

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