Early Learning Talks with Dr. Robert Titzer

We are excited to announce Dr. Robert Titzer will be speaking at the Baby to Toddler Show both Saturday and Sunday this November. 2018 

Read below to find out when and what he will be discussing. 


11.30  How to Talk to Babies and Toddlers

How parents talk with their babies and toddlers has a long-term impact on their later language skills. Infant researcher Dr. Robert Titzer will go over the key techniques that are designed to capture your child’s attention and have been shown to increase infants’ language learning abilities. Research is clear that the number of words a child is taught in the first 18 months of life predicts the child’s later language learning. New research from Stanford University found that babies who understand more words at 18 months of age also think much more quickly than babies who understand fewer words. Please come for useful tips on how to talk to babies!


12.30  Teach Your Baby or Toddler a Foreign Language – Even If You Don’t Know One

For parents who speak two or more languages it is relatively easy to teach a second language. How can you help your baby or toddler learn a language that you don't speak yourself?

Infant researcher Dr. Robert Titzer will talk about how to select second languages and how to teach them.


1.30    Nurture Early Maths, Music, and Thinking Skills in Babies and Toddlers

Early maths and early reading skills are the best predictors of academic success at the end of high school. People who are good with language and maths have more options than if they are only good with one of these skills. Learn how you can help your baby or toddler learn maths using a fun, multisensory, interactive approach. Parents often don’t think about introducing music skills to babies, but your child’s auditory cortex develops very quickly so introducing pitch earlier has been shown to be better than introducing pitch later.

Infant researcher Dr. Robert Titzer will give practical advice to parents to help their infants’ and toddlers’ cognitive learning!


2.30    How to Enhance Babies’ and Toddlers’ Language and Reading Skills

An abundance of research shows that early language skills not only predict later language abilities but that they also influence later reading skills. Newer research shows that early language learning also influences how quickly babies think. Learn how to use scientific principles to enhance your child’s language and reading skills.

Infant researcher Dr. Robert Titzer will go over an approach which has been shown to improve babies’ and toddlers’ language and reading skills.


Dr. Robert Titzer
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